Monday, 5 August 2013

Literacy in the Digital University book hits the world's bookshelves!

Revisiting my much-neglected blog to proudly announce the publication of THE BOOK which is the final output from the Literacy in the Digital University seminar series and subsequent work. Information is available on the Routledge website.

Introduction: Literacy, the Digital, and the University
Robin Goodfellow and Mary Lea

Chapter 1. Values, digital texts and open practices - a changing scholarly landscape in higher education
Colleen McKenna and Jane Hughes

Chapter 2. Researching academic literacy practices around Twitter: Performative methods and their onto-ethical implications
Jude Fransman

Chapter 3. Crossing boundaries: digital and non-digital literacy practices in formal and informal contexts in further and higher education
Candice Satchwell, David Barton and Mary Hamilton

Chapter 4. Emergent practices for literacy, e-learners, and the digital university
Caroline Haythornthwaite

Chapter 5. The Literacies of ‘Digital Scholarship’ – Truth and Use values
Robin Goodfellow

Chapter 6. Beyond ‘the social’: digital literacies as sociomaterial practice
Lesley Gourlay and Martin Oliver

Chapter 7. Posthuman literacy in heterotopic space: a pedagogical proposal
Siân Bayne and Jen Ross

Chapter 8. Open Content Literacy: a new approach to content creation and collaboration?
Lindsey Martin and Alison Mackenzie

Chapter 9. Digital literacies as situated knowledge practices: academics’ influence on learners behaviours
Allison Littlejohn, Helen Beetham and Lou McGill

Chapter 10. Academic literacies in the digital university: integrating individual accounts with network practice
Mary R. Lea

Chapter 11. Text-making Practices in Online Writing Spaces: from Research to Practice
Carmen Lee

Chapter 12. The digital university: A concept in need of definition
Chris Jones

Chapter 13. Control and the Classroom in the Digital University: the Effect of Course Management Systems on Pedagogy
Bronwyn T. Williams

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